Fabrication Coordinator

  • 更新时间:2020-07-11
  • 学历:大专
  • 工作地点:江苏省
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  • 工作年限:不限
  • 招聘人数:若干
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  • 性质:外资企业
Responsibilities:向井架制部制造主管报告工作/Report to Derrick Fabrication Supervisor工作职责描述/ Responsibilities:1.负责井架钢结构制造及测试预拼装的工艺, 质量, 进度工作Responsible for derrick fabrication procedures supervisions, quality supervisions and manufacture schedule coordination2.能熟练阅读钢结构制造和安装图纸并根据井架钢结构制造规范, 焊接规范和测试预拼装规范实施井架制造过程控制Be able to read steel structure fabrication drawings and assembly drawings, be capable to supervise the process fabrication coordination according to manufacture, welding and preassemble specs3.根据制造主管的安排, 对项目原材料, 图纸, 加工及测试预拼装进度负责协调, 统计和跟踪According to the assignments of fabrication supervisor, responsible for coordinating the progress of steel raw material, fabrication drawings, manufacture and preassemble4.对于制造过程中出现的问题以技术问询单的形式与设计/质量部门协调Coordinating the concerned departments such as engineering and quality for the issues during the fabrication by Technical Query5.对制造过程中发现的问题以不一致报告或工作记录单的形式及时通知相关部门Responsible for notify the concerned personnel and departments by NCR and Punch list for the quality issues during the steel structure fabrication6.具备井架钢结构制造的进度管理和质量管理能力Be able to coordinate the progress and quality issues during the fabrication7.井架制造部主管安排的其他工作Other fabrication related tasks assigned by packing engineerQualifications/ Requirements:1.良好的中文沟通能力, 会英语者佳Good Chinese communication, English is preferable2.主动性和团队合作能力Initiative and Team work player3.持有ABS, DNV以及CCS等有效的焊工证书(不必需)ABS, DNV,CCS Welding certificate holder(not required)4.能运用计算机操作包括办公自动化软件及CAD绘图软件Be able to operate MS office and CAD software5.有钢结构制造经验者优先Steel structure fabrication experience is preferred6.技校以上, 钢结构制造等相关专业Technical school or above major in steel structure fabrication related


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