Project Engineer 项目工程师

  • 更新时间:2020-07-11
  • 学历:本科
  • 工作地点:上海市
  • 语言要求:
  • 工作年限:3-5年
  • 招聘人数:若干
  • 月薪:0-0元
  • 性质:外资企业
职责/ Responsibilities:1、 负责项目前期的技术规范的澄清和制定 / Responsible for clarification and preparing Project Technical Specification.2、 在考虑并保证项目可行性、成本、及时性的前提下进行项目的总体布置、方案设计等 / to Draft the General Arrangement & Layout drawing under the condition of feasibility, cost & timing.3、 负责制定和跟踪项目的工程时间表, 保证工程设计在整体项目的进度要求内高质量完成 / Responsible for preparing and tracking engineering schedule, make sure complete the project ahead of the acceptable deadline.4、 作为本项目的我方技术负责人和联系人,与包括外方、中方项目管理团队合作完成项目/ Performance the responsibility of principal & linkman of the project, cooperate with including oversea & domestic project management team5、 协同、指导、监督项目小组所涉及的工程师完成项目目标(其中包括时间表和质量方面的要求) / Coordinate, coach and supervise engineers involved in the project team to achieve the project objectives, meet the requirements of quality and schedule.6、 对项目中涉及到的产品进行生产技术支持、问题跟踪及反馈 / Provide technical support of the product for project, also follow & report the problems7、 定期主持、召开项目的设计评审会 / call and preside the regular project design review meeting8、 制定项目材料采购清单、外采购件清单、外协件的采购技术规范等必要的技术文档 / prepare MTO, Buyout list, and out sourcing parts technical agreement if necessary.9、 与项目有关的供货方技术澄清、问题的故障检修/Trouble shooting for project related product from technical side10、 如有需求,能够到客户方进行现场技术支持或组装调试/ Able to travel to customer side (domestic or overseas) for site assembly if required11、 上级交办的其他工作/Other responsibilities assigned by Superior要求/Requirement:? 大学毕业,结构/机械工程 / University subject in Structural/Mechanical engineering. ? 具备很强的的沟通能力、工作积极主动、良好的团队合作精神 / Strong ability of communication, an energetic team worker? 5年以上结构钢设计工作经验 / Minimum 5 year relevant working experience in structure steel design industry? 具备良好的英语沟通技巧 / Good English reading, speaking & writing is required? 熟悉相关国际标准和规范(如:API ,AWS ANSI,ASTM,ASME)Familiar with related international codes and regulations(e.g. API ,AWS ANSI,ASTM,ASME)


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