Customer Project Manager

  • 更新时间:2020-07-11
  • 学历:大专
  • 工作地点:上海市
  • 语言要求:
  • 工作年限:3-5年
  • 招聘人数:若干
  • 月薪:0-0元
  • 性质:外资企业
Purpose: As Project Manager, in connexion with Nantes, ensure the connexion with the customer and Nantes. 作为和南特联系的项目经理,确保客户和南特的沟通联系 Connexion to other departments - Internal : On connexion with Nantes (Sales, Project Management), relevant Dept of NOV Shanghai - 内部: 与南特 (销售,项目管理部)沟通联系,NOV上海相关部门联系 -External:Customer,Vendor - 外部: 客户,供应商 Missions Ensure Safety 确保安全 Ensure Quality 确保质量 Ensure project management for customer's order in connexion with Nantes team 确保在项目管理上客户与南特团队的联系。 For activity manufactured in China 在中国有关生产制造方面的职责 Improve the efficiency about Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Motivation (SQDCM) 提高有关安全、质量、交货期、成本和工作积极性的效率。 Activities Apply NOV Safety Policy on his job 执行NOV的安全规定 Apply Quality Policy and procedures 执行质检程序和规范 Take in count customer requirements, finalize the issues with help from relevant people 关注客户的需求,并在相关人员协助下制定方案 Check the manufacturing schedule and the product shipping 查看制造计划和货物运输 Insure product (documents, goods) in accordance with agreed document in the contract 确保产品(文件,货物)和合同一致 Get the payment by customer after commissioning 调试后从客户处收款 Push the customer to pay invoices and issue LC 要求客户付款和开具信用证 Help Supplier to complete red book to import vital parts and export completed equipment to customers through free zone帮助供应商完成手册以进口主要零部件和从保税区出口设备 Arrange shipment for sub-contracting parts 协调安排供应商货物运输 Ensure debriefing , in connexion with Nantes, after each project finished to summary which is good needs to be kept and which is problem needs to be improved 确保在每个项目结束时向南特相关人员总结汇报在项目执行中所遇到的好的方面需要坚持的和需要改进的问题


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