• 更新时间:2019-06-14
  • 学历:本科
  • 工作地点:上海市
  • 语言要求:英语
  • 工作年限:不限
  • 招聘人数:若干
  • 月薪:0-0元
  • 性质:股份制企业

ABS Shanghai Offshore Engineering is seeking a Marine/Mechanical/ElectricalEngineer to work in the Offshore Systems Group as a system engineer.

Job Description:


Offshore System Engineers perform detailed engineering plan reviewand failure analysis of piping and electrical systems on offshore unit such asmobile offshore drilling unit for compliance with applicable ABS Rules,regulations and contractual requirements. The system engineers may also beinvolved in the review of marine and specialized equipments, e.g., pressurevessel, electric motor, electric switchboards, drilling equipment, etc.


Position Requirements:


Applicant should possess at least a BS degree in Marine Engineering,Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering with experience in systemdesign for ship/offshore projects. Shipyard/design consultant or operationalmaritime experience with engineering capacity is highly desired.


Applicant should be independent, self motivated person, and ableto interact effectively with peers and clients.


Applicants should have the ability to communicate professionallyin English across a variety of technical and non-technical audiences.


Applicants with engineering capability in petroleum industry oroffshore drilling industry familiar with APIs, ASME, IEC, NACE, etc, may alsoto be considered.

我社海工部招聘审图工程师数名, 从事海工项目管系系统及设备,电气系统及设备,海工专门设备和海上储油加工系统及设备的审图工作。工作地在上海。要求具有以下一种专业的本科学士或以上学位:船舶动力装置,轮机工程,机械工程,石化工程,化学工程或电气工程。申请人必须是独立的,自我激励的人,能与同事和客户有效沟通,具有良好的英文表达沟通能力。



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